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“Unflagging and unfazed, Corcoran gamely chomps on a screenplay grounded in grotesque mutations. The overall effect, however, is joyous.” -Jeannette Catsoulis


Abby (Catherine Corcoran), is far too friendly with the new guest… keeps the audience as unsettled with an intense atmosphere that turns even a game of “Chubby Bunny” into something sinister. -Kimber Myers


Richard and Abby (Catherine Corcoran) hold your attention with their strange interactions and behavior. -Frank Scheck


"Success can be attributed to the film's loyal and talented young lead, Catherine Corcoran... whose overall tenacity to see [her] work taken seriously, has carried the film from the Cannes Film Festival, to MoMA, and on..." -Kurt McVey 


"Corcoran gives a really sincere performance. You really believe the relationship that forms between Chrissy and Lauren and its legitimately touching. " -Fred Topel 


"The LGBT community is talking about Catherine Corcoran and Asta Paredes, stars of 'Return to Nuke 'Em High: Volume 1' and their symbolic act in Cannes- the first lesbian marriage in France." - Maxime Pargaud 


“Catherine Corcoran is mesmerizing as Abby, a sexy and mysterious partner for Richard whose motivations are never quite clear yet whose entire being oozes just the right amount of sincerity. It’s hard not to fall in love […] Corcoran takes a one-note role and makes it her own.” -Richard Propes


"The young stars of Return to Nuke ‘Em High, Asta Paredes and Catherine Corcoran- have devoted themselves to promoting the movie and the campaign"

-Lily Rothman 


“Corcoran is charming as the lady whose allegiances seem to be shifting to whoever can fulfill her needs in that exact moment. Abby’s flirtation with Seth works well, and never feels gratuitous… Weppler, Tucci, and Corcoran are all brilliant.” -Bobby LePire


"The movie hinges on in-on-the-joke lead Catherine Corcoran." -Joshua Rothkopf


Catherine Corcoran is an undeniable genre great” - Fangoria Staff


[On 'Return to Nuke 'Em High Performance'] " is like jazz." - Markus Lust 


“Simply put: this Thursday evening, Corcoran conquers MoMA.” -Eric Luers


"Fans wouldn't want it any other way." - Robert Abele


“Corcoran’s return to “Return to Nuke ’Em High a.k.a. Vol. 2” is strictly for die-hard fans” - Katie Walsh


“Catherine Corcoran’s ‘”Lauren” pays homage to the 1976 horror film “Carrie” in the opening scene.” -Glenn Kenny


“It's not just blood and guts that makes Dawn [Catherine Corcoran]'s death so chilling. What makes this Terrifier kill so much scarier than its sequel counterparts is the fact that the scene is grounded in relative reality. It is one of the most legitimately upsetting sequences in recent horror history and far outstrips anything featured in 2022. -Cathal Gunning 


“And then there’s Corcoran. Lord. The luminous young actress with charisma to burn has rightfully gained a degree of genre notoriety via turns in TERRIFIER and RETURN TO NUKE ’EM HIGH, but she has never had an opportunity to show this kind of range before, and her nuanced, multifaceted performance—seductive, effervescent, threatening and smoldering at turns—is sure to spin more than a few heads.” -Shawn Macomber


"A Celebration... Cheeky as Hell." -Amanda Chatel


"This very guilty pleasure centers on Catherine Corcoran ,who is not a bad actor at all." -Lou Lumenick 

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“What else can be said about Catherine Corcoran? She is a pro, wistful yet full of angst. Watching Long Lost unfold with the actors is a treat.” -Danny Shamon


" ['Fucking New York' Series] a striking tribute to the passion and hustle that makes the city tick." - Thomas Freeman


" [Catherine's performance] is ecstatic, orgasmic communion with the city. "


“Catherine Corcoran plays Abby and is the force that balances these two extremes. She is given a lot to do with the role and makes the character feel fully realized. She is no saint, but Corcoran brings levity to this mysterious character, as well as the story. If anything, the audience will latch onto her the most.” -Kyle Arango


“Catherine Corcoran as Abby might be the main reason to watch it.” -Cody Hamman


“Catherine Corcoran is one of the most luminous and versatile actresses of her generation, period. She has earned a reputation as one of the least assuming, kindest, most soulful human beings in an industry with a general reputation that is … well, not that.”  -Shawn Macomber

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“The component which drives it over the edge is Corcoran’s performance as Abby. She’s neither enigma nor open-book, but Corcoran’s delivery always seems to contain another layer. Whether she’s offering support to Seth after Richard’s accidently insulted him or just engaging in casual conversation over breakfast, her mere presence adds tension. It’s the way her line delivery always seems to hit the pleasure center of Seth’s brain or her too-intimate physical contact.” 

-Douglas Davidson


“With such magnetic charisma, actress Catherine Corcoran will hold the viewers gaze in the femme fatale role of Abby. Corcoran really dives into the sultry role of an alluring seductress, who’s undeniably perfect with her seductive manipulations, flirtations and misdirection. You dare not look away.” -Jorge Solis


“Corcoran’s Abby is the one that keeps things interesting as she is the devious of the two, oscillating between the innocent hostess catering to every need and the femme fatale looking to expedite a confrontation between siblings.” 

-Kevin Rakenstraw


“Catherine Corcoran delivers both tension and relief […] Abby is clearly more than a pretty face and Catherine Corcoran plays the part perfectly on edge, and keeps you guessing.”-Karina Adelgaard


“Corcoran’s Abby is the true standout in the film. Catherine’s character eerily navigates the art of seduction as she interacts with Seth and Richard. Her suggestive line delivery and seductive movements taunt Seth and the audience.”

-Noah Levine


“Aside from her genuine love and natural gift for acting, it’s this very message which shapes everything Corcoran does. Whether it’s on screen or in a simple conversation, and it’s a commendable one at that. Corcoran see’s these experiences as opporitunities for growth and it’s absolutely a reflection of her character.” –Gabriella Wieland


“Corcoran’s performance is riveting, enthralling. Damn, this was good.”

-Michael Therkelsen

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“Catherine Corcoran's participation in the film was one of the major reasons why I wanted to check it out.”

-Patrick Bromley

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